Web of our lamb raised in the field

Web of our lamb. We are farmers and ranchers. We have an environment of fields and forests to graze our flock. We know that we make a lamb of very good quality and that is why we decided to sell our food products. A product of proximity with its own history. A traditional bred lamb.

Redesigned web we already had a Xai de Ferreres website but did not adapt to mobile devices. We wanted a current website and we could easily buy our lamb. A space where we also wanted to explain the advantages of buying lamb in our house. Recipes to do at any time. Giving ideas to cook it in different ways, taking advantage of all the parts of the lamb. You have to have a good recipe so that you always like to eat lamb.

A project has a few years. With the sale over the Internet, we want to get to know our lamb and our way of life. One way to do it taking into account the three axes of sustainability:

  • Environmental, we like to keep our environment.
  • Sociocultural, we enjoy our traditions and make people.
  • Economic, we improve in quality of life.

We hope that the new website will appeal to you as much as we do. Feel free to send us your opinions. We are happy to do the online sale of our agri-food product. You can choose to buy it when you are in the cottage: Baluard, Volta or Cal Cisteller, or, conveniently from your home to eat it whenever you like. You can place an order at any time of the day, from our e-commerce platform. We can serve it any day of the year.

We work 365 days a year!


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