Visit Berguedà and enjoy the snow

Visit our region, the Berguedà, and enjoy the snow that we have of the last snowfall. This year there is a lot of snow and you can make a trip with your family or your friends. Rasos of Peguera is a place to enjoy the snow. It is a place very appreciated by the inhabitants of the region.

Visit natural spaces that are now dressed in snow. Enjoy fun moments, experiencing unique experiences. Look at the magnificent views where ...

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Barbecue rural house

The barbecue in the rural house is an essential element for a stay in a rural setting. The groups spend a few days when they like to cook meat on the barbecue. Calçotades time is ideal.

The barbecue in the rural house is a place to enjoy a different way of cooking meat. At any time of the year, you can make a barbecue. The braizer can be with wood in winter or charcoal in summer.

When family or group ...

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Oferta casa rural

Oferta per les vacances d’estiu a Cal Cisteller d’Olvan, a la comarca del Berguedà. Sí! Efectivament, nosaltres tenim una casa rural per 7 persones i aquest any volem fer una oferta perquè tu passis unes bones vacances. Concretament, és pel mes d’agost i per passar-hi una setmana, tens un 20% de descompte. Per aquest motiu, el que abans valia 990 euros per 7 nits, ara val 825 euros.

Oferta per la teva família i/o els teus amics. A ...

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Route greenway Cal Rosal to Pedret

Recommended route to enjoy the nature. The greenway Cal Rosal Pedret is an old railway. The attractions of the route are diverse. Walking along the Llobregat. Crossing three tunnels and visit the Monastery of Pedret. It is of course easy and suitable for all ages.

Route can done at any time of the year. Start the colony of Cal Rosal where you can leave your car in a parking unpaved called “pla de l’Italià”. It ends at the church ...

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Quince season, “allioli” recipe

Quince season to make quince “allioli” recipe. It can be done in the fall. It is when we catch the quince of the tree. When in a rural house with your family or friends can also implement recipes. In this blog, I offer the recipe I use.

Season to make a recipe that I use at any meal. It is very practical and easy to do. I know this blog is not the style of entries that normally do ...

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Biosphere is a guarantee of sustainable tourism

Biosphere Responible Tourism is the brand that recognizes the certifications that meet the requirements of the Responsible Tourism System. It is a voluntary implementation. We have been the first rural tourism house in Berguedà to obtain this recognition. A recognition of the commitment we have made to offer you our rural house according to the criteria of sustainability.

Biosphere is a guarantee of sustainability when you want to do rural tourism at our house. In this way, we can present ...

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Pedraforca the Bergueda mountain

Pedraforca is an emblematic mountain of Catalonia located in the Berguedà region. The name has a close relation to its form. It is a mountain singular because of its shape. Its structure looks like the fork and is made of stone.

Pedraforca is a magical mountain, conquers the people who can see it and who goes up falls in love with its beauty. It is located between Saldes and Gósol, in the high Berguedà. Its highest point has an ...

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Riera de Merlès, to enjoy nature

Riera de Merlès is an ideal place to have a good time. It is a protected space of natural interest. You can go at any time of the year, but now that it’s summer it’s great. Being with nature, in the fresh air and in quiet areas, it makes the moments of great warmth more pleasant. It’s an area to go with friends or family.

Riera de Merlès is a long natural space to give it a bath. His ...

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Golden cereal in the bag

The cereal already has the golden color. It is time to see the machines as they do the harvesting of what was sown in the fall. There has been a winter and the seed now we have the fruit.

The cereal has already arrived!. It is the moment to be able to enjoy and obtain the fruit that has been worked for almost a year.

It is nice to see the fields as they take on the golden color. Indicates ...

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Experience, farm and candy

Experience to see and help small farm animals. The final prize for assistants is a soft caramel colour that they can choose.

The experience we offer in our establishments we consider the kids. We offer added value. We are also ranchers and farmers. Sometimes there are sheep that do not have enough milk to nurse their own lambs. Every day we prepare a feeding bottle for these lambs and thus help them with their food.

Children who stay with their ...

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