Escapes and seeks the balcony of Catalonia

Escapes and seeks the balcony of Catalonia. It is a beautiful excursion we recommend to see a fantastic panorama. Above the town of Berga is the balcony.

Escape to see the colours that nature offers us. Each season is a show of colours. In the spring green highlights. In summer yellow. The sweet red’s autumn. And finally, in winter we can be lucky enough to see the white snow.

Berga is above the mountain where he chairs the sanctuary of Santa Maria de Queralt. Built century’s eighteenth. Renaissance style. It is a work composed of a central nave with two sides. It is located 1,200 meters high and its peculiar location has been given the name the balcony of Catalonia.

The mountain also has its own legend. A shepherd found the small image hidden in a small cave virgin. When he changed the following day reappeared in the same place the first day. Thus they built a chapel where the cave. This small building is baroque.

The virgin is a small wood carving is sitting. In his left hand he grabs her son and right hand holding a swallow. Queralt’s of symbol. This year 2016 has been carried out various events to commemorate the centenary of the coronation of the Virgin.

We recommend visiting this place considering its legend and its spectacular views that honour the name of the balcony. It is a place that has no access difficulty. Visit recommended for families and friends of all ages.

It is a space to wander and serves as a starting point for different excursions. It is accessible by car to a car park. From there you can climb stairs bordering the mountains or take the funicular.

It is a good experience combining culture and nature.



  1. Escaper  September 30, 2020

    It looks like a still from a movie – very beautiful and secluded. I really want to go to Catalonia after this, I haven’t been there before.

    • Mª Àngels  September 30, 2020

      Yes, the image is of a church in a mountain, it is very beautiful. Our cottage is a five minute drive away


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