Aroma of the house and its surroundings

Aroma of the house is to enjoy the senses. When a group of friends or family decide to make a break in a house can experience the awakening of the senses. In the surroundings of the house are the smells of nature. The colours that highlight and emphasize each season. The atmosphere can be traced to the surface. And the attitude of a pleasant stay with friends or family is equivalent to enjoy a nice aroma.

Aroma can be found by rural tourism. Fragrance is a nice cup of coffee. It is the smell of the flowers of nature. After the rain, you can smell the forest and green vegetation. Experiencing the feeling perceive smells is a unique experience that has to live when you are surrounded by nature.

Inside the house, we have the aroma of the fireplace. Outside smell the barbecue. Senses is where the attitude of relaxation and tranquillity. When you decide to go into a house looks the essence of the basic things. Recognizing the raw material environment combined the comfort of the accommodation. The aroma not to be found, is located.

The air invites us to connect with nature and forget the noise and stress of the city. It is the opportunity to recharge your batteries with a good feeling that emerges rural atmosphere. It is the oxygen that you need to have strength against the adversities of everyday life.

Natural light gives a sense of space and health is essence. All feelings are to enjoy your stay in any of our establishments: Baluard, Volta and Cal Cisteller.

There is nothing more beautiful than simplicity, which sometimes do not see, but it is perceived. There are no photos whatsoever; the scent is a unique experience!
Aroma-turisme rural


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