Quince season, “allioli” recipe

Quince season to make quince “allioli” recipe. It can be done in the fall. It is when we catch the quince of the tree. When in a rural house with your family or friends can also implement recipes. In this blog, I offer the recipe I use.

Season to make a recipe that I use at any meal. It is very practical and easy to do. I know this blog is not the style of entries that normally do but I wanted to share it. House Ferreres have a quince tree every autumn offers good quince. Now we are in November is a good time to make quince aioli, the fruits are a good point of maturation. Obviously, when we have a group of friends or family in our establishments: Baluard, Cal Cisteller and Volta, the quince it give.

The quince aioli is a very nutritious and caloric. The fruit is sweet and slightly spicy for all. It made with three ingredients very beneficial for our body: garlic, olive oil and quince. This product is very suitable to combine it in all kinds of dishes. Maybe accompaniment for meats and fish like to put it on a slice of bread, roasted or unroasted.

2 garlic cloves, 2 quinces, 1 apple, 1 pinch of salt 1 dash of oil

Cut and boil the quinces and apples, even when bull threw salt. Once it is removed from fire, drain, and peels and flattens with a fork making a paste / puree and let cool. In addition, it is trampling upon the mortar with the garlic until they become a paste. Then we add the two pastes (quince+apple and garlic) and mix it so that it is all integrated. Then we gradually pulling oil and stir until we left a dense texture and soft.

Can also made quince jam. It derived from a fruit harvesting techniques and optimization of the resources of rural areas.

Let’s go!


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