Route greenway Cal Rosal to Pedret

Recommended route to enjoy the nature. The greenway Cal Rosal Pedret is an old railway. The attractions of the route are diverse. Walking along the Llobregat. Crossing three tunnels and visit the Monastery of Pedret. It is of course easy and suitable for all ages.

Route can done at any time of the year. Start the colony of Cal Rosal where you can leave your car in a parking unpaved called “pla de l’Italià”. It ends at the church of Sant Quirze Perdret. At the end of the route, we will find the Gothic bridge of Pedret. The long route does not reach a total of 10 km (5 km and 5 km round trip). 

The advantage of this route is that it involves a very wide road, formerly the railway. The slope is very low, except at the end there is a rise between the bridge and the church. To see inside the church by conducting prearranged visit.

It is simply a natural environment rich in plant species by passing along the river Llobregat. In the spring green highlights and plenty of water. In summer the yellow river calm and freshness of the trees. The sweet autumn red and brown. Finally, in the winter we were lucky to see the stalactites and stalagmites that have formed by low temperatures. Throughout the journey prevails tranquillity. Sometimes the silence broken by the sound of water and birdsong.

In our rural tourism offer, we have all the details. Fortunately, in the Berguedà have spaces and places worth visiting to enjoy the natural resources that nature offers us.

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