Riera de Merlès, to enjoy nature

Riera de Merlès is an ideal place to have a good time. It is a protected space of natural interest. You can go at any time of the year, but now that it’s summer it’s great. Being with nature, in the fresh air and in quiet areas, it makes the moments of great warmth more pleasant. It’s an area to go with friends or family.

Riera de Merlès is a long natural space to give it a bath. His course passes or bordered by different regions such as Ripollès, Berguedà, Osona and Bages. It has a very authentic landscape appeal, as the environment has changed very little.

In addition, being an area formed by rural municipalities, while we making a road to access the stream, we can see scattered farmhouses with a lot of history.

Being able to stroll along the stream is a real pleasure in every way. You can do a beautiful excursion and finish in a pleasant bath or, also, to make a small trip through the water. One tip is to go there for the week because being a beautiful place is also crowded. It is also an area protected by animals such as otter. If we carry, binoculars and we are lucky we can see some of these animals.

In the same stream, we can find different areas such as:

  • La Gola de les Heures; with a nice waterfall and its corresponding bathing area.
  • El Gorg Blau; a very large space with a waterfall.

I advise going there. It is a place to disconnect and be able to experience nature in every way. You just have to keep in mind that you have to be respectful with the environment.




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