Experience, farm and candy

Experience to see and help small farm animals. The final prize for assistants is a soft caramel colour that they can choose.

The experience we offer in our establishments we consider the kids. We offer added value. We are also ranchers and farmers. Sometimes there are sheep that do not have enough milk to nurse their own lambs. Every day we prepare a feeding bottle for these lambs and thus help them with their food.

Children who stay with their families in our establishments can prepare the feeding bottle to the lambs. We see water temperature is slightly warm. We put milk and we stir until smooth. We make enough milk for lambs there at the time. They are usually two or three. We fill the bottle and the rest we take the cube. They are very happy, kids and lambs. It’s a very fun experience. Parents are happy to see and photograph each time.

At the end of feeding bottle we can see other sheep with their young. Is the time to capture the moment a lamb suckling his mother. The tenderness of the sheep with their young. Usually they have a lamb sheep in our flock there are many sheep that have two or three lambs, sheep are multiple birth.

Then we will see the hens. We open the door to go out to eat small herbs. We left a little while and then as they are very well the hens not want to re-enter. Little helpers have to take and caress the hens in his yard. This way they can touch and pet the hens, and they are very fond of children, they are very tender.

Comes the end of the experience with farm animals. Little helpers have their prize, a soft caramel sweet! experiencia-caramenl-xai



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