Golden cereal in the bag

The cereal already has the golden color. It is time to see the machines as they do the harvesting of what was sown in the fall. There has been a winter and the seed now we have the fruit.

The cereal has already arrived!. It is the moment to be able to enjoy and obtain the fruit that has been worked for almost a year.

It is nice to see the fields as they take on the golden color. Indicates that the maturation of the cereal is already finishing in order to be harvested and make the use that is considered appropriate according to the variety of seed that has been considered to be sown.

When we talk about cereal seed we refer, for example, wheat or barley. Two cereals that have a great similarity but at the time they are very different. As you can see in the fields there are several differences.

Wheat has a characteristic feature that the grains are oval shaped with their rounded ends. One of its uses is for bread making. The grain of the barley is tapered, thicker in the center and slows towards the ends, one of its uses is for the elaboration of the beer.

It must be said that both cereals have many more uses either for the consumption of animals or humanity.


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