Rural house with barbecue

Rural house with barbecue, is an indispensable combination for a stay in a rural setting. Groups when they spend a few days in the country house they like to cook meat on the barbecue. For this reason, when it comes to making rural tourism, the house is looking for a good place to make a barbecue.

Rural house is a place to be able to make a good barbecue, a different way of cooking meat. A barbecue can be ...

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Rasos de Peguera, natural space in the Berguedà

Rasos de Peguera is a place to enjoy nature Berguedà. A place that can be visit at any time of the year. Each season has its charm. It is a very appreciated by the inhabitants of the region. Access is easy and has a large parking lot, called the Holy Christ.

Rasos de Peguera is a mountainous area, a set of very hilly terrain. It is located in the Pyrenees Mountains above Berga. He was a ski resort but ...

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Escapes and seeks the balcony of Catalonia

Escapes and seeks the balcony of Catalonia. It is a beautiful excursion we recommend to see a fantastic panorama. Above the town of Berga is the balcony.

Escape to see the colours that nature offers us. Each season is a show of colours. In the spring green highlights. In summer yellow. The sweet red’s autumn. And finally, in winter we can be lucky enough to see the white snow.

Berga is above the mountain where he chairs the sanctuary of ...

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Recycle for environmental conservation

Recycle at rural home to preserve the environment. It must be possible to combine leisure time with good practices and good habits. Apply routines to help reduce the pace of waste generation.

Recycle now thought for a future. By doing rural tourism you can enjoy the stay and contribute in our environment. If we choose correctly, we avoid throwing products that damage and impair the natural environment. We have recycling bins to make the selection easier:
– Blue, paper ...

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Patum in Berga at 2018

Patum 2018. The Patum festivities that take place every year in Berga, the capital of the Berguedà region. It is a festival that coincides with the date of Corpus Christi, it celebrated from the fourteenth century and 2005 Immaterial Cultural Heritage was proclaimed.

Patum, is a festival where the senses and feelings predominate, with different melodies, the “patumaires” dance with groups:
• El Tabal is the party’s crier
• The Turcs i Caballets is one of the oldest dances ...

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Web of our lamb raised in the field

Web of our lamb. We are farmers and ranchers. We have an environment of fields and forests to graze our flock. We know that we make a lamb of very good quality and that is why we decided to sell our food products. A product of proximity with its own history. A traditional bred lamb.

Redesigned web we already had a Xai de Ferreres website but did not adapt to mobile devices. We wanted a current website and ...

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Culture of the territory, “els Castellers”

Culture Catalan territory are “els castellers”. A practice, which today has a high symbolic value within Catalan society. It also has international recognition as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Culture and tradition unique in the world. “Els castellers” originated in Valls derivatives called dance Ball de Valencians. A dance that ended with the launch of a tower. The castles held in the main square and usually in times of festivals in the village. Casteller calendar begins in ...

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Pearl of the Llobregat Gironella

Pearl of the Llobregat Gironella is, is a town with its own charm. The old town and its old Gothic bridge make a historic authenticity itself. The prison and the clock tower are elements that have a legacy. Other places and buildings in the town form a fantastic to visit.

Pearl of the Llobregat Gironella say the town by its similarity in beauty. Gironella is a place where you can enjoy many areas. The old part of the town ...

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Aroma -casa rural

Aroma of the house and its surroundings

Aroma of the house is to enjoy the senses. When a group of friends or family decide to make a break in a house can experience the awakening of the senses. In the surroundings of the house are the smells of nature. The colours that highlight and emphasize each season. The atmosphere can be traced to the surface. And the attitude of a pleasant stay with friends or family is equivalent to enjoy a nice aroma.

Aroma can be ...

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Hackberry tree is singular

Hackberry tree is singular by its own concept and its qualities. Beside the house, there is more than one. We like a lot, personally gives me great peace. Besides, used to make agricultural tools to work in the field.

Its singular aspect of the trunk can remind us the leg of an elephant. In colloquial language, we can refer to this tree as the elephant leg. It has a long grey trunk and at the bottom extended as if ...

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