Barbecue rural house

The barbecue in the rural house is an essential element for a stay in a rural setting. The groups spend a few days when they like to cook meat on the barbecue. Calçotades time is ideal.

The barbecue in the rural house is a place to enjoy a different way of cooking meat. At any time of the year, you can make a barbecue. The braizer can be with wood in winter or charcoal in summer.

When family or group of friends decide to spend, a few days in a cottage in the planning prepare lists thinking about what to eat. Normally, people do not have adequate space in their home for a barbecue. This kind of cooking makes the meat is very tender and tasty.

The concept of a barbecue is the set of experiences that can be in the preparation of the meal. This system is slow cooking. While the meat was, cooking diners were jointly preparing everything that may lead to the meal. Some prepare the table, other starters and first plate. It is a moment that will live with joy and peace, following the rhythm of cooking meat. Everyone sits at the table when the meat is cooked. It is very important to eat hot meat tasted best when it is the qualities of the

You can also cook pasta, rice, fish, mushrooms and vegetables like onions “calçots”. Just stop the clock and you can enjoy the moment among friends or family. Should be able to enjoy leisure time.

The three rural establishments are: Volta, Baluard and Cal Cisteller, have their ownbarbacoa-casa rual


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