Festival is tradition of summer

The festival is a celebration that takes place in many places. It is a festival that commemorates an important event. Is when summer is celebrated. It is a meeting point for people of the territory.

Festival is normally the party is done in area as commonplace. It confirms the existence of the collectivity considering shared symbolic references.

Events are religious and secular events. In secular events cannot miss the dancing in the square. By tradition are also Sardana, fireworks, castles, games for the kids…

Currently, the only festival declared Heritage Festival of National Interest by the Generalitat of Catalonia is to Solsona. In the category of Traditional Festivals of National Interest in Barcelona is the celebration of Mercy and Grace Quarter. Santa Tecla in Tarragona performs it.

The municipality of Olvan contains two cores: Olvan and Cal Rosal. The festival of the colony of Cal Rosal is at the beginning of July. The festival takes place in the village of Olvan in early August. Both parties dominates the work of the townspeople.

To present the good news of the party adorned the streets. Following the tradition in homes is a great meal. Relatives and friends are invited outsiders. These are days of joy and happiness.

It is a set of events where it performs work of a lifetime. A sustainable job considering their axes. It is a social and cultural event. A conservative party respects the environment. Is that one party is involved to make it economically viable.

All peoples must maintain traditions to revive the culture and authentic experiences to present the region to make a better fate. Enjoy the festival village is a symbol of joy. It is within one cycle and the beginning of prosperous new year events.

Good festival!


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